Here at Wholesale Carpets Express, we do carry some products which include warranties; however, we also sell many which do not. No additional warranties are offered on any of our products. Carpets ordered directly from manufacturers or certain distributors will sometimes include warranties, but if they do not, the customer will be fully liable for any damage done to or by the carpet they have selected. Should you run into any issues, the manufacturer of the product should be contacted directly. We would be happy to speak with them on your behalf, but we cannot guarantee what they will or will not do as a result. Carpets that are sold cannot be returned, so be sure to inspect yours carefully before you make your purchase. We are not responsible for any flaws or issues discovered after the sale is complete.


Layaway is offered to clients who are willing to put at least 10% down on the value of their selected carpet. Weekly and bi-weekly payment plans are available. We are willing to hold the carpet for up to 90 days, and by signing up for a layaway plan you are agreeing to pick up your rug, after it has been paid for in full, within that span of time. At no point during this process will refunds be made available. In other words, if you’re halfway though your layaway plan and you decide you can no longer afford your rug, the money you’ve already paid cannot be returned. We do not offer financing at this time.


We regularly donate our products to various causes per their request, shipping and handling included. That being said, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so for yours. Causes must be considered on a case by case basis, as we do not have the funds to simply give rugs away whenever we wish. We also cannot discount labor should a physical delivery be required.

Clearance Items

Sometimes our rugs receive a minor amount of damage, for example a small tear or stain, while they are in our possession. Occasionally they arrive at our door with flaws already present. Discoloration may also occur from time to time. These carpets will be sold at a discount price. When you purchase a rug on clearance, you’re also purchasing whatever problem it might have, so be sure that the issue affecting your particular item will not be a bother to you. We’d be happy to explain precisely why any of our clearance items have been marked down.

Common Questions

Q: Do you install your carpets in the homes and businesses of your clients?

A: Yes, we are happy to install any of the carpets that you purchase from our store. We will even measure and diagram the area to ensure that we are able to perform our installation perfectly.

Q: Does padding come free with carpets?

A: Not all the time, but whenever possible. Sometimes mills or manufacturers will promote particular carpets by discounting them significantly. Should this occur, free pads and/or labor will be available in conjunction with that particular product. Because these deals come about at the discretion of distributors we cannot accurately predict when these free amenities might become available.

Q: How far will you travel to install carpeting?

A: If you live 25 miles away or less the cost of the trip will be included in the overall installation fee. However, we’re willing to travel as far as 150 miles for a trip charge of $1 per mile.

Q: How does the Magic Fresh carpeting you carry work?

A: Magic Fresh is a natural odor absorption compound that takes odor-causing molecules and coverts them into nontoxic carbon dioxide. It also eliminates volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that can lead to allergic reactions. The product removes any number of odors, everything from cigarette smoke to pet urine.

Q: Can carpeting cause asthma or allergies?

A: There is a misconception that those with allergies and asthma should not live with carpeting in their homes. In fact, though rugs hold more dust than wood floors they also keep it in place, allowing it to be vacuumed up and removed more easily. There is no difference in the allergen levels of homes with and without carpeting. The only difference is that those with carpeting can remove allergens with greater ease and reliability.

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