We at Wholesale Carpets Express are happy to deliver any of our carpets right to your door for a $40 fee, provided that only one of our employees will be needed for the job and that you live within 25 miles of the store. Should a second employee be required, an additional $10 charge will be applied. If you live more than 25 miles away, we’re still ready and willing to pay a visit, though $1 will be added to your delivery fee for every additional mile. When we arrive, someone must be standing by to claim the product. Also, an ideal location must be chosen for the delivery, namely one which does not include any of the following (potentially hazardous) elements:

  • Stairs: Because of potential harm which could befall our employees during the delivery process we cannot make good on any requests to move our carpets to locations which are either up or down stairs, unless we are installing the carpet.

  • Cluttered Areas: To avoid liability, our employees are not allowed to move any items which are in the way of the carpet. Please ensure that there is a direct, clean route which leads to the area in which you would like your carpet to lie.

Wholesale Carpets Express Inc. cannot be held liable should any property damage occur while we are performing a delivery which violates any of these regulations. It is often difficult to maneuver a 12 foot roll of carpet around corners or up and down stairs. Sometimes a scratch, gouge or scrape can occur, and while we will do everything we can to ensure a safe and undamaged delivery, we cannot be held responsible when trying to achieve the impossible. If a delivery can at any time cause injury to (anyone at all), the delivery will be stopped at that point and the customer will be responsible for completion of the Delivery, no exceptions. Wholesale Carpets Express, Inc., cannot be held liable should any property damage occur while we are performing a delivery which violates any of these regulations on the request of the customer. No Employee should be requested by a customer to violate these rules nor place the delivery person in harms way of any nature.

Furniture Moving and Replacement

Wholesale Carpets Express Inc. will remove and replace any furniture on our approved list. The price of this task will vary based upon the nature of the job, taking into account factors like the number of items which need to be moved and how many employees will be required. Carpeting and padding can be removed as well for a cost of $2 per square yard. Generally, any carpeting that we remove will simply be placed on the curb to await trash pickup; though we’d be glad to take it to the dump, should you need to be rid of it more quickly. If you require this service, simply specify during your initial call that you would like the carpeting to be taken away following its removal. An additional hauling and dumping fee will apply.

We cannot remove or replace the following items:

  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Pool Tables
  • Fish Tanks
  • Pianos
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Any Electrical Items Which Need to Be Unplugged
  • Floor Registers
  • Vents
  • Radiant Heat Boxes

We will not, under any circumstances, remove, replace or cut down doors.

Transition Strips

Available in a wide variety of looks and materials, transition strips are designed to artfully separate different flooring types. We offer a great many types of strips, including those composed of:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Rubber

We also offer some transition strips which combine various materials. Prices vary based upon the type you select as well as its application.

Tack Strips

Essentially small pieces of wood fitted with nails, tack strips do a fantastic job of holding carpets in place while giving them a beautiful, finished look. Should you require them to complete the installation of your carpet, we’d be happy to provide and install them. An additional charge will apply.

Carpet Adhesive

If you require the usage of adhesive to properly install your carpet we’d be happy to offer our assistance. Different types of adhesives work best on different surfaces (wood, vinyl, tile…) so be sure to specify your exact needs. An additional charge will apply.

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